The Scandal of DWP Silence

Jayne speculates on the possibility that deaths of people receiving or awaiting incapacity benefits have risen – and even a small percentage rise produces shocking numbers.
Of course, I have a tribunal hearing pending, after which I hope the DWP will be ordered to release the figures; one of my contentions is that the department’s refusal to release them in the past had no legal basis.
Hopefully, it’s only a matter of months until we get proper numbers.

7 thoughts on “The Scandal of DWP Silence

  1. Joseph Smith

    I wish you Mike the absolute very best of luck with this, people in this country fed on the coalition/DWP mushroom diet need to be woken up with the truth that the government DWP and RTU are guilty of manslaughter by neglect or by deliberate act. This web has illustrated the exactly how the law and circumstance operates and it seems that the Government and it’s agencies at the very least have a number of pertinent questions to answer. To carry on this cover up is evidence of issues to hide a known or deeply suspected guilt, Which many of us believe to be the case. All of those involved in this must at the very least must be brought in to the open and questioned in public by experienced skilled independent people.

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  3. Penny Ledger

    There seem to be a lot of “person under a train” incidents around London which make me wonder if they are people driven to despair by DWP mistakes, delays and sanctions and the lack of real help. I know publicity is avoided to reduce copycat behaviour but there must be a way to get figures compiled from coroners’ verdicts, and any comments or recommendations.

    1. Joseph Smith

      Is there contact with the deceased families? If so how do they feel? Are they ready physically and emotionally equipped to take the coalition on in what will be a bruising head to head dirty fight? If so let’s start collecting names contact addresses. Plus the names positions of of the principles in DWP Atos plus, Mr RTU. We need statements dates, actions etc etc. do we know anyone in the media who is “sympathetic ” and can be trusted? With over a 10,500 body count there must be some very angry people around who need a public voice.

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