1 thought on “The Bedroom Tax is Dead here’s why

  1. bookmanwales

    Whilst not affected by this tax myself I have to say a “well done”is deserved.
    However, before we get too carried away let’s remember this government’s previous record. When MWA was declared illegal they simply changed the law retrospectively with the connivance of the Judges and media.
    In order to “protect the public purse” Idiot Dunce Smith probably already has a large team of legal experts working on the definition of bedroom for statutory purposes.
    This will be added to the Housing rules retrospectively as with all other welfare changes to avoid any payouts or inspections being required.
    Any such change will have the backing of the senior judges, the media and the public at large, Idiot Dunce Smith will once again be seen as the saviour of the public purse and be praised for a job well done.
    The silence from the general media at large is proof that this “tax” will not be allowed to simply die out.

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