1 thought on “ATOS and the Nazi Murder of the Mentally Ill

  1. Nick

    as I’ve always stated in that IDS and the DWP can implement any policy they wish to do so it’s only a crime if a said policy brings about the death of others where intent or negligence was common place and they failed to fix the policy when instructed to do so by the courts

    The courts at this time as far as I’m aware have not instructed IDS to fix the welfare reform bill to prevent the deaths of others so if that’s the case IDS can continue to adopt any policy he wishes knowing full well that the courts will stay silent

    how long he can get away with it remain uncertain just as in the case of north Korea killing it’s people only time will tell

    If we look to history however in every case those in power to kill others have at the end been killed themselves in one way or another and that is the only thing that remains certain

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