3 thoughts on “Spite and Contempt: How Atos Weston-Super-Mare Views Disabled Protestors

  1. Alison Webster

    This was more likely from staff in job centre,next door…got some of the worst of the dwp working in Weston…they are loving the power and enjoy making peoples lives a misery..i am not unemployed(above retirement age)but i know people who are the recipients of their spite and vitriol.It used to be a nice town with nice people..I think the dwp are of the opinion unemployed means less than human.I hate this country for how they are allowing the vulnerable to be treated…This is not my land any more such evil…NOT IN MY NAME.

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  3. Joseph smith

    We need more protests at Atos centres and non job centres. The weathers improving so let’s get out there.

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