6 thoughts on “Cameron Blocks EU Funding for Food Banks

  1. jaypot2012

    The biggest thing that is wrong about Cameron is that he’s breathing! He has such a superior attitude that anyone below him is treated with utter contempt.
    I cannot fathom how he had the right to refuse money from the EU due to his political stance. He had no right. We pay into the EU every single day and we are allowed to receive a tiny amount back from a fund. The people of the UK should have been able to say “Yes, we’ll take the money due to our people starving”. We didn’t even get a chance – all that had to be done was to contact the charities of the country and get the Yes – not a “No” from a super rich person who has never lifted his finger other than to point at the plebs of the country.
    This had nothing to do with politics, I don’t care what he says or lies about – this was spite towards those who needed food and comfort at Christmas. A time for giving, not just taking like this unelected coalition does to us all the bloody time!

  2. Eijnar

    Any funding from the European Union must always be MATCHED by an equal amount of National funding for the same purpose.Cameron was not only refusing help from the EU but signalling his determination to avoid spending anything himself,of OUR money,on the feeding of starving British people.

    Given the number of past historical examples of nations that have been plunged into revolution by the casual infliction of hunger by the wealthy upon the poor I personally look forward to the day when the down trodden British people rise up and examine the contents of David Cameron’s skull and test the elasticity of the necks of the rest of our ruling elite.Any ruling elite which closes down REMPLOY,thus sacking THOUSANDS of seriously handicapped people,simply to save a few quid deserves to be slaughtered.God may forgive Cameron for what he has done,and intends to do,but I NEVER shall!

    1. joanna

      Eijnar Historically “sacking” meant massacring, I know you didn’t use that word in the real meaning, but I am taking it that way. It is absolutely true!!! There is no logic as why they are doing what they are doing. I just hope someone with compassion will step in because every avenue for us to anything is being cruelly cut off!!

  3. Angie Harding

    I just hope all the silly people that voted for the Tory’s (and I know of some working class people that voted for them) do not have to rely on the welfare state as the way the Tories are working there will be no safety net for them.

  4. joanna

    I know someone who does believe in the condems, that person is completely blinkered, even though he works for a charity, which has been cut to the bone. For example they had 72 staff, now they have just 6 and they are non-profit

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