4 thoughts on “UK citizenship for Cameron’s nanny – while NHS workers are refused and deported

  1. Nick

    my wife came here from Ethiopia in 1979 as a private nanny to a family of lawyers in London who had to maintain her at all times for ten years. having completed her ten years of exceptional standards of work and in keeping within her visas terms and condition’s she was then granted uk citizenship in Croydon by a judge

    by and large they are the best when it comes to care so David Cameron at least got that part right of his life

    however their skills by and large are of care and care alone very few think like a big shot and go on to be high flying doctors because they don’t

    if David Camerons nanny is like my wife then she will work hard and be a joy to have around but my wife would never work for someone like David Cameron as she only takes to genuine people only and tries to stay out of the way of big shots as they have been the bane of her early life when back home and she knows a con when she see’s one

    all people in health care should meet a high standard across the board as for what country they come from is immaterial

    it will be interesting to find out what david cameron pays her and on how he involves himself with her family back home as that is always of a major concern to any non EU citizen as family is the ultimate

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  3. alan

    So Cameron is denying a job to a British worker, and has sought an immigrant because immigrants are cheaper. All parties do this, whilst they castigate British people for not working.

    There remain hundreds of immigrant nannies and care workers that are not only found to be delinquent, but abusers of the vulnerable. The latest was one who was found to be stealing money from an old age pensioner

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