4 thoughts on “According to Lib Dems: closing hospitals is ‘giving local people more say’!

  1. Emma Horkins

    How? There’ll be people dyin left right and centre in the streets, how is that givin the public more say, when most are workin poverty who won’t be able to afford health care, and more debt created! Absolute f*** wits!

  2. Andy C

    I hate the Lib Dems so much right now… and I bloody voted for them to get in at the last election….. never ever ever again. The Libs are now dead to me. Very melodramatic I know but hey, it’s what I feel.

    No idea who to vote for now…wanting to vote Green as I like their policies but genuinely don’t believe they have the clout to win big at the next election and hence get this current set of mobsters out. Am feeling very conflicted about voting Labour due to there still being a strong pro-corporate Neo-Lib voice in their economic thinking…very very confused

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