4 thoughts on “Keith Joseph and the Tories Eugenicist Hatred of the Working Class

  1. Nick

    ‘The Mad Monk as he was known was a right winger who came from a family like David Cameron with wealth and despite my very good knowledge of him brought nothing to the table and was by and large very mean and typically only interested in the likes of himself

  2. jaypot2012

    Well he still died in the end – just like Maggie did – and for that we are grateful as well as relieved that we don’t have them here anymore. Yes there are many more like him and her, but they can’t escape death and that terrifies them 🙂

  3. Joanna Terry (@terry_joanna)

    What really sticks out and gets my goat with this lot of ‘high and mighty’s’, is what they have failed to contribute to mankind in general. Where are the great thinkers among them, scientists and doctors, writers and artists, inventors and explorers. When they get out of bed in the morning and look outside, does it cross their mind that the people they so despise are the ones that make their lives so easy. From the factory workers that make bog roll to the cleaners that ensure our streets are not waist deep in rubbish. I just wish sometimes I could make them get down on their hands and knees and wash the street with their tongues. It is unlikely however that any lessons would be learnt from this experience.

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