Top award for this London borough’s food banks

“Some people are falling through the safety net, though. They’re very vulnerable indeed, and for a significant number food bank packs are not going to solve their problems. What they need is long-term support and intervention – from a state that’s capable of engaging with them. They deserve welfare policies that offer proper help to individuals struggling with a host of adverse circumstances, including chronic ill health. Not just sanctioning their benefits when they ‘fail’ to apply for enough ‘jobs’, or being left without benefits while they wait in limbo for decisions on employment and support allowance (ESA) to be reconsidered. ” Take that, Norman Tebbit!

3 thoughts on “Top award for this London borough’s food banks

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  2. foodbankhelper

    Thanks for highlighting this, Mike. The food bank manager isn’t one to get drawn into debate, but he tells anyone who asks that the vast majority of food bank clients are not just turning up for free food because it’s there. They are in genuine need. Thanks for supporting my attempt to throw a bit more light on the lives of those use food banks in this rich (for some) capital city and major world banking centre.

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