3 thoughts on “Is your NHS boss a tax avoider? You’ll soon find out

  1. Owen Williams

    Mirroring my comment on the main article here, for the sake of discussion.

    “Interesting piece, and the results of such an enquiry will no-doubt be of great interest to members of the public campaigning desperately to save local services.

    But, on the flipside, I can also see this enquiry for what it really is — another hack-job report from the Tories, bashing the NHS. Local-government Tories will no-doubt be salivating in anticipation of more dirt to be used for the purpose of encouraging their constituents to accept privatisation measures. After all, what good is the NHS in the hands of these foul, tax-avoiding Public Sector administrators? Clearly these things need to be handled by someone from the god-sent Private Sector, who will never, ever dodge any tax, ever, no really, we promise. =)”

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  3. Mark Parry

    Yes, our local NHS bosses are tax avoiders. We have one boss that runs ********** ******* Hospital. He treats the place as a refuge for criminals. I hope Anonymous UK will come for him soon. He is a sanctimonious hypocrite while the rest of us lose out on vital services. It’s bloody disgusting.

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