Gay Wedding, Mixed Reception

I’m reblogging this (obviously) because gay marriage came into law today and it’s a very strongly ‘pro’ opinion (I think the large political party with many members who still treat gay people as second-class may be the ‘Cons’).
I was disturbed to see, on the BBC’s Question Time last Thursday, members of the public putting forward a view that marriage is about procreation, and that marriage in its current form has been around for many thousands of years – in fact, in this country, it wasn’t formalised until an Act of Parliament in 1753; previously there had been informal (albeit binding) arrangements and church involvement was invited, not mandatory. Meanwhile, same-sex marriages have enjoyed legal status as far back in history as republican Rome.

4 thoughts on “Gay Wedding, Mixed Reception

  1. paul dutton

    I guess there are people who still assume that marriage is still a religious thing . Why do people (usually) marry ? Because they are in love,love is what its about.
    Im not religous,If you are religous, thats fine by me if you dont assume your beliefs can dictate the course of anothers life

  2. david

    “Marriage is all about procreation and children?” Right – time to annul ALL marriages of infertile couples or those where the woman is now past the menopause!

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