4 thoughts on “Parliament: Computer says No (again!)

  1. Barry Davies

    It is always the case with government IT systems, it goes something like this:-

    1, Put out contract to tender
    2, Choose most expensive option from unknown company
    3, agree to budget and date for implementation
    4, Agree to extension of date for implementation
    5, Agree to increase in charges from IT company
    6, Attempt to roll out system
    7, Discover that the system does not work
    8, return to point 1 and scrap all current equipment

  2. jaypot2012

    I’m pretty sure the fellow in my local town, who I use for my website and web hosting, could to a better job than all these so called “experts”, and be cheaper as well 🙂

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  4. hugosmum70

    oh come on. whose the most incompetent guy in Westminster? IDS. its probably him putting a spanner in the works ,literally. he probably dont have a clue how to work a computer so buggers it up every time he touches it. as usual with anything he toucheslol.

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