6 thoughts on “Dying Merseyside man was told by benefits assessors ‘you’re fit to work’

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  2. Steve grant

    We have all heard of these terrible stories with no sensible logic attached. I am too old to worry about this vile company now but my son had a run in with them. As far as I can see the front line staff are almost blackmailed into making the decisions they do.its the typical large quango company set up. The man at the top sitting on the piles of tax payers cash shouting his orders to the working minions with the hidden company agenda which is to make more money for the company. The Dunderheads in the DWP are too thick to even contemplate that private companies could be dishonest and are so pushed that they just rubber stamp everything. This way of assessing people goes against everything we as a people believe in. Much of it is because we as a people don’t understand how large private companies work,they have no interest in the product just the max money it makes them,nothing else matters.Thats why its not a policy being put forward in reality by the ordinary civil servants,after all they have a vested interest in keeping people …..their customers on the books. The agenda being followed by ATOS is the exact opposite because that’s how they make their money.The two are not compatible and can’t be under our own system. The politicians are responsible for the outcomes and it is by design. Take away power from the civil service and reduce the 5.8 million civil servants down to zero….hive off those jobs to private companies with no morals,no consequences and just let them run things….and who profits from this ? Not the British tax payer but the greedy politicians who will have all sorts of ways to take money without being caught and of course the friends of politicians,relatives etc etc…..and will it make government cheaper? The simple answer is NO!

  3. amnesiaclinic

    Thanks for bringing this tragedy to our attention, Mike.
    Have emailed my MP. Steve Grant quite right. Time to stand up and say NO!

  4. Barry Davies

    The Work capability assessment is not fit for purpose it has such a narrow band of possibilities of you being prevented from working the chances of the vast majority of claimants getting above zero points is negligible, the tribunals re supposed to address this shortcoming but instead only look to see if the assessment from was filled in correctly.

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