4 thoughts on “From 2011: Government Appoints A4E to Design Contracts for Private Welfare Schemes

  1. AM-FM

    There were reports that they were paid £600,000 to design the PBR.

    How inept can they be, to not be able to make a profit off a gravy train, that they’d designed themselves.
    Perhaps instead of believing RTU insisting that there’s 500,000 jobs just sitting there every week that the unemployed won’t take, they should have done a couple of days of their own research.

  2. HomerJS

    Incompetence, corruption, or both?

    Isn’t it funny how we are always asking this same question over and over again.

  3. AM-FM

    It’s been a good day to bury bad news.

    “Security firm G4$ cleared for government contract bids”

    Even while still:

    “The Serious Fraud Office is examining G4S and Serco over the contracts.”
    “The SFO is also scrutinising two G4S facility management contracts for UK courts. The firm has agreed to pay £4.5m to the Treasury for overcharging on these deals as part of its overall settlement.”


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