3 thoughts on “The UK Coalition’s fiscal ‘mission accomplished’ twaddle

  1. Bring back immediately women's state pension at 60 / Against loss age related tax allowance at 65

    The economy is only growing in London, where the one third of Londoners who are in the working poor are being priced out of London by flat-lined low wages back to 2002 levels and losing benefits so being forced out of the one place, London where work is growing.

    Austerity is not what a government’s task is in a recession.

    Government in an economic crisis spends on infrastructure and support for business and jobs.

    Instead The Greens’¬†ideas of green taxes taken on by all parties, crush jobs and kill 30,000 elderly by unaffordable energy bills, half of which made up of green taxes.

    Welfare admin has crushed the nation into more not less national debt, proved by the fact that the Tories have spent as much in 4 years as Labour did in 13 years on the waste of welfare reform admin, being as Labour began welfare reform, brought in Atos and invented the Bedroom Tax, with all its eviction court admin costs.

    Austerity has only meant mostly low waged women losing public sector jobs (two thirds of the million jobs due to be lost by 2018 being women in councils / national government), whilst mostly male management gaining big redundancy packages and being rehired as managers elsewhere in government.

    The raise in retirement age has taken money away from the half of women 60-66 in the working poor on flat-lined wages back to 2002 levels and
    the majority of women not employed who are disabled / chronic sick, and benefits lost to them.

    But worse is to come than the Pension Bill, with the Flat Rate Pension that is not more pension, but nil income for mostly women and a lot of men.
    See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

  2. amnesiaclinic

    It’s a very interesting post but difficult to understand in places. There is no doubt the public have been kept financially illiterate and this is made worse by the deliberate obfuscation referred to in the article. The middle classes have been kept quiet and compliant by mortgages and property prices holding up while the poor are being socially cleansed by crushing austerity which is totally ideological and has nothing to do with economics.

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