2 thoughts on “They Are All Skivers Down at the Jobcentre, Including the Staff!

  1. Mark Parry

    We or most of us know they are all skivers down at the job centre. And they are all bloody lazy b*****ds. I think 99% of the job centre staff are useless at helping. That means Job Centre Plus centres should be outlawed or sent back to history.

  2. Victor Martin J Hunt (@Methusalada73)

    Wondered when Captain Bob would come into the circle of B*****d Buccaneers. This Buccaneering Bob STOLE my pension which I had paid into for years along with thousands of others. Sadly, he was finally laid to rest in Israel’s Garden of Remembrance for heroes. Some bloody hero !
    This was the way forward in the crooked learning curve for many commercial crooks who now abound & rule the banks & commerce around the world today.

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