4 thoughts on “Residents in Thatcher’s former constituency reject naming street after her

  1. beastrabban

    I have heard of a street named after an evening more hated politician: Adolf Hitler. There was apparently a road named ‘Hitler’s View’ in Cornwall. There was a story in the Daily Mail several years ago about a campaign to have the name of this particular street changed after a Black family moved down there and were, naturally, shocked to find a street named after him. In fact, the local people weren’t Nazis, and the street was only indirectly named after Hitler. The story went that it was so called after the nickname given to a particularly officious and dictatorial supervisor when the estate was being built back in the 1940s. The worker’s called it ‘Hitler’s View’ after him, and somehow the name stuck.

    Well, that’s their story anyway. And it seems to show that, at least in terms of place names, Maggie Thatcher is less popular than a genocidal maniac, who butchered millions. I’m surprised the Daily Mail isn’t frothing already.

  2. Colin M. Taylor

    Down here in Dartford, we have a Thatcher Court – Mainly sheltered housing for Dementia sufferers – I like the irony.
    Of course, Barnet Residents could still have a road named after her but I think ‘Senile Old Witch Way’ might upset a few Tories

  3. Nick

    road naming should only be for distinguished people that have served the community well over a lifetime

    Margaret thatcher fell well short of that mark as have all prime ministers since Winston Churchill who himself was far from perfect but a darn sight better then what we have today

  4. alistair lazenby

    in the thatcher years swansea council named an old down trodden building margrett thatcher ( I SPIT ON HER GRAVE) were they collected the poll tax

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