An open letter to the Daily Mail…

You might not agree with the religious aspects of this but, even if you don’t, it deserves to go viral. Please share it wherever you can and show up the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday for what it is.

4 thoughts on “An open letter to the Daily Mail…

  1. Joanna

    My Friend found a five pound note going home from the supermarket on Good Friday, even though he is on benefits, (Esa) He has donated the £5 plus an extra £5 to the Trussel Trust. He still hates himself, due to his mental illness, he has never been in trouble ever, but I Love Him!

  2. Geraldine Mitchell

    Doesn’t Lord Rothermere domicile in France in order not to pay income tax in Britain? I believe some people think they are too superior to class themselves as self serving scroungers, and it’s no surprise they employ equally hard hearted, adept liars as their minions. They are obviously not from good decent homes like the little boy above.

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