The Current Nonsense About Religion

“The brazen hypocisy, and possible blasphemy, of trying to co opt a figure such as Jesus for political posture from a bloke who, for just one example, presides over large amounts of disabled people being driven to suicidal despair, is not something that needs underlining. ”
Well I’m underlining it because I’m off to find out how many disabled people have been driven to suicidal despair (and other deaths) soon.

1 thought on “The Current Nonsense About Religion

  1. alan

    Cameron simply thinks he is God, and will therefore make this speech at this time of year. Just waiting for him to make a speech on 25th December, with a strange light and dove above him.

    He is no Christian, just a Judas and Demas, a very, very evil man that takes the name of Christ in vain, like mass murderer Blair.

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