3 thoughts on “Shock as number of tabloid reporters relying on food banks triples in one year

  1. david

    meanwhile recent reports from the house of commons/lords canteens show that the amount of Mps/Lords reliant on food handouts continues at the same level as decades. They say that many MPs/lords swarm to their canteen everyday and the amount desperate for essentials like foisgras and sirloin steaks has increased. The commons bar has also released very worrying figures that the demand for subsidised 40 year old malt and bolly remains at an all time high. A source at the dwp has apparently stated that if it continues many MPs will be unable to carry on in their current roles unless they can achieve similar pay and bonuses of senior fortune 500 company directors and bankers. After all he stated if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, if you give a 150% payrise you may get chimps.

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