The League of Empire Loyalists and the Term ‘EUSSR’ for the EU

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  1. vicmart009 April 28, 2014 at 12:02 am - Reply

    Trying to remember back accurately is now for me very difficult. I can remember Oswald Mosleys son starting a recruitment team in Kennington & trying hard to entice me to join in 1955/6 with some OTT party meetings. Higginbottom was his name. Then their were other ventures the Moral Crusades by right wing groups preying on working class youths minds. Then the years went by with declarations of other evil empires & world domination by the US & Maggie Thatcher. Now I am 73 years old I realise what a load of blogards I was invaded by & with .Now I am little wiser ! Basically it’s all bollards to keep peoples minds believing in Queen & Country & out of what the Westminster Secretaries of State decide upon. Sod all to do with who votes for which political party. Whoops they come to take me away Haha!

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