Olympic fiasco firm G4S wins massive government contracts to ‘help’ unemployed

Was one of the Coalition cabinet married to a G4S director? I seem to recall that having been suggested but can’t find the reference at the moment (mysteriously).

2 thoughts on “Olympic fiasco firm G4S wins massive government contracts to ‘help’ unemployed

  1. Big Bill

    There seems to be something of a conflict of interest here as G4S run a work programme. It could be suggested it pays them to not get claimants into work as they then get a second helping of taxpayer money for taking those same ciaimants back on their books for the Help to Work scheme. Anyway, how realistic is it to suggest the solution to G4S faling to find claimants work on the two years of the work programme is to give claimants back to them for a further six months? If they couldn’t get them into work in two years, how likely are they to do so in a further six months?

  2. amnesiaclinic

    This is a very worrying corporation which needs inspecting under the microscope. I believe there have been recent demonstrations against their involvement in detaining young children in military detention centres in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories as well as in the prisons.
    Time they were history.

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