Bath Campaigner to go to Police to Bring Charges Against Tory Ministers

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One of the drawbacks of being a campaigner against government injustices is there are so many that no single person can hope to fight them all without losing their mind, at the very least. It is better to concentrate on a single project – or a few – at a time. At the moment my efforts have been entirely taken up with my campaign to get ESA mortality statistics into the public domain, otherwise I might have worked on an effort against this government policy myself. As it is, I’m happy to put my wholehearted support behind what Keith is doing here; even if he doesn’t achieve the reversal of the policy, let’s make this as public as possible, so that everybody who is able to understand will know what the Conservatives are doing under the pretence of having the will of the people behind them.


  1. david May 1, 2014 at 9:01 am - Reply

    I posted this on my FB page earlier way before I saw this (honest injun) as stated I am not a legal expert and is just a lay interpretation
    UN Universal Declaration of Rights :does this apply in the uk anymore???
    1 dignity? equality?
    2 many migrants may disagree
    4 workfare /workprogram/help to work????
    5 sanctions
    7 Businesses before people???MP’s defrauding the state with minimal sentences
    8 withdrawal of legal aid and increases to court costs (mass increase to costs of halting eviction) make legal redress unaffordable to the poorest. Current attempts by the government to prevent public bodies ( BlackTriangle/38degrees/charities) from aid to protest unfair unconstitutional parliamentary decision
    9 dare I mention a certain green MP???? along with others
    10 Tribunals against DWP/ATOS/Capita decisions……
    12 Hmm phone tapping legally allowed to monitor ALL electronic communication
    17 oh so the state doesnt have legislation to take possession of houses now??? Sure I heard they had or soon will do
    20 this is being eroded
    21 who freely chooses who we can vote for??? I only get to choose the people who have enough financial backing to stand for parliament joe bloggs on the street can afford to stand
    22 I have been stripped of my dignity by both the DWP and ATOS. If you havent long may it remain so
    23 I refer you back to article 4
    24 zero hour and low hour contracts dont seem to tie in with this
    25 substandard minimum wage not fit for purpose.Social Security specifically set at below what the state says you need to live on and set to rise way below inflation
    28/29/30 ha bloody ha ha ha
    I am no expert on the convention/declaration this is just my interpretation on a brief overview would be interesting to get insight from others. I do know that our government have sneered at the UN over them querying their actions and I doubt very much whether they’ll pay any attention anyway

  2. […] Bath Campaigner to go to Police to Bring Charges Against Tory Ministers. […]

  3. Nick May 1, 2014 at 10:06 am - Reply

    well it is true so good luck to Keith
    the police wont do anything other then show their support at best and make a note in case of any court pending charges that may happen at a later date to the government

  4. creatorsnotconsumers May 1, 2014 at 10:44 pm - Reply

    Many thanks Mike.

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