1 thought on “An ex Civil Servant’s Take on Owen Jones’ “The north-south divide is a myth – and a distraction!”

  1. vicmart009

    I am myself greatly impressed by John D Turners knowledge, experience& his verbose contribution on overcoming society’s ill’s within the UK. I find myself in awe & disbelief on the activities of many of his Whitehall chums. Some of whom are thought & described as over paid civil servants, actively seeking retirement pensions & MBE’s & OBE’s & knighthoods to travel into that higher place “The Queens & God’s Roosting Nest”. I do encourage all of my grand children to seek such suitable employment positions themselves.
    His sneaky admiration for Owen Jones is to be commended.
    Jones isn’t that a Welsh name?
    Turner? wasn’t he from that family of painters & decorator?

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