3 thoughts on “Orwell on the Discrete Class Prejudice of the Bourgeoisie

  1. vicmart009

    So true! Similar to the life & times of Robert Maxwell Labour MP. Extortionist, bully fraudster and first thief extraordinaire of his employees $1 billion pension pot’s. Buried in the land of Israel on the Mount of Olives. Possibly as a warning to other Jews by Mossad , that you can’t double cross Israel & bring disrepute upon Orthodox Jews and expect to profit & get away with it.
    I still believe that it was his actions in the USofA that brought about a following of Bankers proving that they could be more proficient & professional swindlers in the 1980, 90’s to bring on the big swindle of 2008.

  2. beastrabban

    Maxwell was able to raid the Mirror group’s pension fund through legislation passed by Thatcher, that allowed the funds to be used by the owners as disposable capital. Hanson, of the Hanson Trust, tried to do the same when he took over W.H. and H.O. Wills, the tobacco manufacturers in Bristol. Fortunately, the firm’s pensioners had a good lawyer, and he wasn’t able to loot their fund, and was reduced to asset-stripping the company instead. Such was the type of capitalist thrown up by Thatcher.

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