4 thoughts on “Government plans to deter immigration to UK by making it shit (not actually satire!)

  1. Joanna

    Great so our country is going to be crappier than a third world country?

    We might as well just swap places with immigrants!

  2. beastrabban

    Doesn’t surprise me. Even 20 years ago, the North was roughly comparable to the German Democratic Republic in terms of standard of living and the economy, if you tweaked the statistics just a little bit. I think the Poles have also been keen to use EU aid to improve the country, while our government has done just the opposite – look how they deliberately refused to claim EU money to help combat the floods.

  3. Joanna

    It has been a gruelling 4yrs so far!!! I wish everyone who wants a better life all the luck and love in the world, for hopefully the Last year of this dangerous government!!
    I will try to stay strong I hope everyone else will too!

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