DPAC on Cuts to Disabled Students’ Allowances

If the Tories are “concentrating support where it is most needed”, where would YOU cut funding to do the same? The answers could be very instructive.

5 thoughts on “DPAC on Cuts to Disabled Students’ Allowances

  1. Andrew Peacock

    everything this un-elected tory shower of s**t does is attacking the poor and disabled whilst the rich get away with everything including contributing their fair share towards the defecit caused by the bwankers and the rich

  2. vicmart009

    I was about announce that the only reason I visit this blog is to annoy any and all disabled students such as myself . Alas It appears that this Machiavellian missionary’s do a far better job than I ever considered possible.

  3. Andrew Peacock

    but then the poor and disabled no what the tories just make the rich richer and the poor poorer ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL. ETON A***HOLES THE LOT OF THEM

  4. Joanna

    The cuts I would make is a castration without anaesthetic for all male members of condems just for the pain and it would be a fitting revenge!

    To all male readers I do apologise if this makes your eyes a little watery!

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