7 thoughts on “Scottish Tory Party youth wing cancels annual conference after selling just 12 tickets

  1. Liz

    Do you think they have finally got the message that they are not welcome in Scotland. I just wish the rest of the country would send them the same message

  2. Mr.Angry

    I have just choked on my cornflakes after readings this, tears of laughter tripping me up. How sad, lets see what happens on the 22nd I’ve booked a meal for my wife and I to celebrate. Received the con flier yesterday that even failed to light the log burner.

  3. jaypot2012

    I ended up with a wet screen due to spitting out my coffee 🙂 One of the most hilarious things I’ve read for a long while.
    Shows us Scots are not fooled and have good memories.

  4. Elizabeth Caldow

    The youngsters in Scotland are not as gullible as the tories think. There is no future for them with tories in charge.

  5. Stephen Bee

    If they’d had one more sale..they could have reenacted ‘The Last Supper’ LOL

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