9 thoughts on “Whatever you do, DON’T share this on the internet about UKIP:

  1. philipburdekin

    So very sorry, my finger slipped also, I have hurt my finger so much I can’t even press the delete button and will have to leave there .

  2. PendanticGeek

    Two words for copyright threats from political parties: Satire and Education. They can F right off. Political logos aren’t covered in the same way as commercial logos. When used to make reference to policies and pledges they fall under education and news; when they are used to take the mick it is covered under satire.

    1. Steve Cheney

      Yes, it is a small point, isn’t it? Copyright infringement relates to loss of earnings or theft of intellectual property; I can’t see any way in which this does either (unless UKIP think that they are owed a living from getting elected).

  3. Robert G Watts

    I’m happily sharing this. I’d like to see the police come round and pester me, I’m sure the British public would love the expense of sending police to my house, especially since I live in Spain, hahaha 😀

  4. ffandance

    Just a quick question here and forgive me if I am wrong in this matter, but, isn’t the “GBP £ sign” itself, you know, the artwork that UKIP are using in their very logo,
    subject to “crown copyright” in itself? Does this mean that UKIP are threatening legal action against these people when UKIP themselves have committed copyright theft in the first place by using the £ sign? How hypocritical would that be.

  5. Cllr. Ian Blackburn

    Gosh I am really shocked that UKIP are such sensitive people with caring attitudes. Who would have thought they may sue the little old lady who just hates racists?

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