[GUEST POST] National Front free to intimidate Journalists

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  1. Johannah Buchan May 19, 2014 at 10:24 am - Reply

    I’m so sorry about this but sadly I’m not surprised. My ballot paper for 22nd May had 11 parties. 6 were right wing ranging from Tory to UKIP & beyond!! The BBC & the rest of the right wing media are giving the extreme right an enormous amount of free publicity & it’s having an effect on society’s behaviour. The govt demonise the weak & vulnerable – hate crimes against the disadvantaged increase. A Ukipper says their uncomfortable hearing foreign language on the bus – 2girls & a boy speaking Hindi get attacked & the Met treat THEM like the offenders. This is well documented on twitter.As a Scot living in Mancs thus without a vote, I’ve been following the referendum debate online. It seems the Yes side are trying to behave in a civilised manner to avoid criticism but the No side?!? I’ve read threats of violence from a TORY councillor, invitations to assassinate the First Minister etc etc. The police don’t seem to take action unlike the Cambs police who acted on behalf of UKIP to silence a blogger. I believe all these extremists are taking their lead from our govt who’ve shown it’s open season on the disadvantaged & they can get away with anything incl violence. This erosion of civilised values in society has been going on since 1979 of course. It breaks my heart to see it especially as I’ve been involved in diversity/inclusion politics eg the 2010 Equality act & CEHR, at Mancs City Council, on a charity board & on various other groups. Sadly listening to Ed on “Today” just now doesn’t fill me with hope for the future.

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