9 thoughts on “JobCentre Staff Say They Are ‘Depressed’ Because Of Sanctioning

  1. Joanna

    (Aww diddum’s) no matter what the consequences, they all have choices! I have absolutely NO sympathy for any job centre freak! (staff) Imagine if they had all taken the collective choice of not sanctioning anyone, do you really think the government would have been able to sack every single jobcentre staff member?

  2. Joanna

    Denying people food is, or should be a Human rights violation. I am not a violent person by nature, but I would willing torture IDS and caMoron!!!!
    It is especially dangerous for type 1 diabetics!!

  3. Thomas M

    Who would want to be a jobcentre worker? First a large part of your job nowadays is making people either starve or shoplift for food or depend totally on their family. Second, what about the danger of being found in the street by someone you sanctioned and beaten up or worse?

  4. jray

    They are depressed? How about the poor bastards that they Sanctioned? The Disabled that have suffered in order that they can tick a box and maintain their pay packet,sorry no sympathy for the quislings!

  5. Steve grant

    My heart bleeds for them….NOT! …..perhaps these workers have suddenly realised that a general election will be coming up and scapegoats will be sought!…best pack your bags people and get your passports out…the hunters will be looking for you come May 2015.

  6. untynewear

    Every time I try to access the original article, I get a malware – unsafe site alert. Just me ?

    On the basis of what I read here – it’s quite probable that there are PCS union delegates who really do hate what’s happening. The problem is that there are far too many of their colleagues who will go along with the policies and, worse, some who actually seem to revel in them.

    And when it comes right down to it, PCS is a union – they can take collective action.

    They choose not to. Draw your own conclusion…

  7. Amanda

    I hope everyone of those that it depress’ stands up against these policies and makes their voice heard..and remembers if you do nothing about the problem ..then you are part of the problem!

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