7 thoughts on “Nick Clegg: the Lib Dems are “doing well” (no really, he really said that)

  1. Korenwolf

    To say anythign else would be to admit that they’re going to be eliminated at the general election. I love the way he thinks he’ll still be in post in 2020.

  2. JK

    Clegg IS delusional about many things.

    Quite recently I heard him saying that all the problems associated with coalition “welfare reform” would end when “Universal Credit comes in soon”. Which of course is nonsense, because Universal Credit is never going to “come in” fully at all.

    Well, let’s just hope the Lib Dems keep Clegg as leader until after the next general election. If a more plausible leader were to replace him a shed-load of Lib Dem voters who have defected to Labour would probably flood back to their party of first choice, which could be very, very bad for Labour’s electoral chances. And in the papers this morning stories are emerging about plots to oust Clegg before 2015…

  3. CTH

    Considering the fact that they didn’t get wiped out completely, and actually increased their vote here in Dorset, he sort of has a kind of point. A very bad one, but sometimes just being able to crawl away from a savage beating is a victory.

  4. HomerJS

    Here is a quote from a LibDem on the BBC website:

    “The high command is in danger of seeming like generals at the Somme – repeatedly sending others over the top while being safely ensconced in Westminster and claiming the carnage is all somehow sadly inevitable”

    One can only think that Nick Clegg sees it differently because he has been talking to Michael Gove . . .

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