DWP’s decision to abolish the Independent Living Fund overturned

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Vitally important information for those of us who oppose adverse DWP decisions.


  1. […] DWP’s decision to abolish the Independent Living Fund overturned. […]

  2. Neil Wilson May 28, 2014 at 4:02 am - Reply

    Wow, that has to be a good thing for a change surely? is that Final, or do the DWP have leave to appeal against this again? Not sure about legal proceedings down south. Hope all is well with you and yours Mike, thanks for keeping me informed.bit out of touch recently, post election blues, utterly ashamed about 66% of my fellow scots not bothering to vote, so we have a ukrap mep, instead of va green one through sheer apathy, and about 142,000 deluded idiots.cheers buddy, keep up the good work, N

  3. Jonathan Wilson May 28, 2014 at 11:32 am - Reply

    You’ve now posted the amendment, but I think its worth re-stating here for people that come via (find) this link.

    It was overturned last year, so the Gov did a sham consultancy and read a few more documents (so they had fulfilled the letter of the law and the reason(s) for its decisions being overturned, ie lack of awareness of its impacts) and decided that its impacts don’t count , but have been taken into consideration and therefore have been used to inform its self of them, and as such can now close the fund and transfer it to the councils legally.

    Much like IDS ignoring the Courts over the discrimination towards mental health problems within the WCA… by IDS (Idiot Drunken Smythee) saying in effect “we understand the issues but **** it, its only stupid people so who cares. We followed the law and found it wrong.”

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