Bedroom Tax – HoC library politicised? Or do they not do maths?

The mind boggles at the persistence of claims that there are no costs related to the Bedroom Tax. How many appeals have there been, now? How many extra Discretionary Housing Payments? What about the extra costs of housing people who are evicted and become a burden on their local councils, who have to house them in bed and breakfast accommodation?
And then there are the suicides. I don’t know how many there have been, but there certainly have been some. What happens to the people left behind and how much does THAT cost – in monetary terms alone?

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax – HoC library politicised? Or do they not do maths?

  1. laura

    im sure the bedroom tax is just to pay for the failed universal payment which has failed after costing billions. the countless lives lost due to this governments chaos is reason enough to stop it. but i still keep seeing labour saying they “will be the ones to scrap the bedroon tax” but why didnt more labour MPs turn up to vote it out when they had the chance? MPS are going to use this just to get votes and that scares me.

  2. Mr.Angry

    It takes one’s breath away, am I really reading this, I’ve just had to pinch myself to ensure I am conscious, this shower are in charge of a country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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