10 thoughts on “The six steps Nick Clegg must take to save the Lib Dems from oblivion:

  1. Pauline Vernon

    These are noble ambitions, but they ignore the fact that Clegg is simply the leader of the LibDems, not the whole party. There are others just as culpable and it is the party that needs to change, not just the leader. Until the LibDems re-position themselves as the left-of-centre libertarians of old, they will never get my vote again.

    Oh, and don’t forget that Vince Cable, Danny Alexander and others have scrotums that deserve a similar treatment.

  2. Thomas M

    The Lib Dems are on the edge of a black hole and it’s most likely too late for them.

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    1. FinkFurst

      Gaz – Get a job as a torturer and you won’t have to pay to watch pain being inflicted, you will actually get paid! There are quite a few countries which offer jobs to sadists like you.

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