The Bulgarian Peasant Party’s Solution to the Housing Problem

If Bulgaria can come up with a useful and meaningful housing policy – despite the obvious poverty of that nation – what is wrong with the people currently in charge of the world’s sixth largest economy?
That’s a rhetorical question but it seems clear that everybody in the Coalition from David Cameron downwards is suffering from a mental illness and needs to be taken out of Parliament for treatment – based on this policy alone.

2 thoughts on “The Bulgarian Peasant Party’s Solution to the Housing Problem

  1. Bryn miller

    Regarding the building of more houses plus their infrastructure.Bulgaria has a population of approx 7.50 million and reducing.which represents 163 people per suare mile.England has a population of approx 50 million and increasing,which represents approx 1023 people per suare you see we have a dilemma.Are we to add to our population on such a scale that 10s of thousands of acre of our precious countryside and farmland is to be covered in tar and concrete to satisfy the demand of all these people.Thus reducing our quality of life ? Something has got to give.

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