3 thoughts on “UKIP Hate the Unemployed.

  1. Steve grant

    Yes,it is dangerous to let the unemployed vote because the nation would expose the truth about the Tories and UKIP….even the “sheeple” might begin to question what these pyscho politicians are really trying to do. This once great nation is now becoming a banana republic and we need a change ….Viva the Revolution!

    1. skearnsy

      I worked for 40 years solid before being forced into redundancy due to ill health – and I wouldn’t be allowed to vote??? I have the same entitlement to vote as the next person – whether unemployed or not!!!! F**k these condem/ukip rich etonions who have no idea whatsover of the working class plight.

  2. Nick

    ukip say out loud what the conservatives are thinking but you can be sure they both think the same and are the same under the hood

    they are both like the kings and princes of Saudi all ok on the news and for the world to see but pure hell for the unemployed the sick and disabled who live there and yes i have friends there and know first hand on what life is like and it’s nothing like what you see it is in all reality a dump likes parts of London

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