This week’s lazy Tory Party attack – Oxfam

“The recurring [Tory] strategy is, if someone disagrees with you, don’t try to argue your case, just try to smear the person or organisation making the attack – say they’re ‘socialist’, ‘stalinist’ or just ‘politically motivated’.”
Let’s all watch Iain Duncan Smith doing that on Question Time on Thursday, as a living example.

3 thoughts on “This week’s lazy Tory Party attack – Oxfam

  1. beastrabban

    This follows a very well-worn path by the Tories and the extreme Right. Back in the 1980s the National Association For Freedom, now the Freedom Association (but still NAFF) attacked Oxfam and a number of other leading charities as really being political pressure groups. In Belgium, the Security Services, according to Lobster, were at one time so full of extreme Right-wing paranoiacs and loonies that they were investigating Oxfam as a Communist organisation. It also shows the influence of the transatlantic Right, as they’re also reviving a campaign against Oxfam and other charities on the grounds that they are Socialistic and keep the Developing World in welfare dependency.

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