4 thoughts on “A simple question…

  1. Thomas M

    With the possible exception of the phones service, where there is a genuine choice, privatisation just lets one or a few companies make huge profits for their bosses. For example, once I wanted to call the non-emergency number of the police station. In the old days I would have dialled 100 and got it for free. Now I had to dial 118 118 that cost me money.

  2. HomerJS

    I think the usual scenario is that privatisation will give us a cheaper service. But as soon as it starts the first thing you notice is the lack of info due to ‘commercial confidentiality’. Behind the scenes it is noticed that due to a poor specification that not all the work is being done. Adding it into the contract costs money, but we aren’t likely to find out how much, or whether the cost of the service is now more expensive than the previous public service.

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