4 thoughts on “Atos fined 30 million for WCA errors

  1. Paul

    And who is paying for that, all those people who have died, been kicked off the sick and those who lost their DLA. They are the ones who are paying the high price of this unelected government.

  2. Tonia

    Spoken to my MP today regarding human rights within the mandatory appeal system that is in place. ESA is automatically stopped without notice when ATOS decide you are fit for work, Regardless of what your own health care proffessional say’s. You are then forced into signing an agreement and contract to recieve JSA even if you are not fit for work. Otherwise you recieve NO benefit until the appeal is heard.

  3. Emma Waites

    why are they paying it to dwp? its not them that lost money its the people they gave dodgy report on.. lots of them paid with their lives not just financially. this money should be paid to those affected or to the families that lost their loved one because of it

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