Civil service cuts are more than just a numbers game

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Never trust a man named after two women, indeed!
Especially when he’s saying cutting the civil service is a wonderful thing while passport applications go unhonoured and benefit claims undecided.

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  1. TangledWeb June 14, 2014 at 9:46 am - Reply

    The Office of the Public Guardian has a SIX month backlog in registering LPAs

    On Radio 4 yesterday morning (about 8.39 am) it appears the DWP tell people that they have to wait 6 months for their PIP claims to be dealt with and not to bother calling back until after 6 months.

    The Land Registry has a backlog with more complicated matters which get passed from one site to another (and even maile staff seem to go home at 3pm on a Friday and sound as if they don’t care)

    And of course there is the Passport Office backlog.

    And it is not just the State but everywhere –

    Large mortgage/banking corporations seem to be unable to cope. I was told by one purely *recorded* message that my call could not be answered due to high volume levels etc and to call back….in 2 days! [arguably the banks are owned by the state anyway]

    Capitalism obviously works wonderfully well for the few at the top.

    Cutting lots of staff leaving few to do the work of many and being paid low wages for the privilege of having a job is lunacy.

    What a total shambles.

    What an inept government we have.

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