Clause 99, Catch 22 and Penning is telling lies.

The government is claiming that a massive drop in benefit tribunals is down to its so-called reforms, which appears to be true – the operative ‘reform’ being the one in which benefit claimants are DEPRIVED of ALL THE MONEY DUE TO THEM if they appeal against a decision.
Is this the action of an open, transparent and progressive, democratic government or the repression of an autocratic dictatorship?

2 thoughts on “Clause 99, Catch 22 and Penning is telling lies.

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    Disability minister Mike Penning said: “Fewer appeals going to tribunal is welcome. Getting more decisions right first time avoids the need for protracted tribunal appeals.”
    is he joking I think not lets think back to rtu ids and chriss greyling who were shock up about how many people were appealing and getting that help through the welfare part but they realy pushed the boat out by sending greyling to justice thuss heading off that welfare help by its monies they stopped it dead yet many sais to themselves I must be ftw or just give up the ghost yet many are still going to appeal without help has we now they lied about it all jeff3

  2. Gill Cole

    It is a bit hard to attend an appeal tribunal once the ‘victim’ has died! Naturally the Government will only look at these figures ‘one eyed’, they are doing a great job is all they want to hear. Mongrels, should had been kicked out of parliament within the first 6 months of office.

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