5 thoughts on “Artist Taxi Driver Response to IDS on BBC ‘Question Time’

  1. Vincent Miller

    We know these questions during question time have to be approved. Where is the transparency in that?

    Vincent Miller S.A.C. Diploma d&a Healthcare and business administration.

  2. delboy109

    This is going to be very short about this killing machine they make me feel sick of being a human person they are making sick poor & disabled people feel so low in them selves theirs nothing else left but suicide because they do have respect it’s bad enough claiming without all the insults this disgusting government put on them a lot of these poor people have worked for most of the benefit they get so whats wrong with them claiming what they are entitled to, this scum government would rather rob them instead of the rich were money means nothing to most of them but they are getting richer the poor poorer & they expect them to beg SHAME ON YOU IDS & CAMERON YOU ROBBING B _ _ _ _ _ _ S.

  3. Nick

    i did say mike all questions to IDS about deaths were forbidden and that includes all similar type of questions with regards IDS personal

    in reality there’s no point him appearing in this type of programme as he has nothing to offer only death and misery


    Dimbleby and The BBC are not neutral. They are on “Big Bikkies”. So what would you expect.
    I wonder what The French Aristocracy wondered as they rattled through Paris in the tumbrils.

  5. M Hawthorne-Slater

    Just to let you know this YouTube link seems to have a problem! Wonder why!?!

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