The Stress Chambers

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A friend of Vox Political sent a link to this site via Twitter. The article makes very interesting reading. Here’s a taste. Please visit the site and read the rest. It ties in with something I want to put out later today.

In 1930’s & 40’s Germany the Mentally Injured were simply rounded up and shot. They could not be saved, so were got rid of to keep the Aryan Race pure. Jews were considered undesirable, so were shipped off to work camps and then ultimately gassed.

We have 2 key trends in The UK at present:

– A very obvious Eugenics Program designed to stop Disabled people breeding or growing old.

– ‘Vichy’ disabled people taking the cash bribe, and then firing on their fellow disabled people.

If we don’t breed, and don’t live to old age, we are easier to ‘manage’ and are also cheaper on The State.

All of this is deliberate. They know stressing us out kills us, and they still did it. I’ll explain:

– IDS was warned by Harrington not to roll out ESA nationally back in 2010. It wasn’t ready. If IDS had listened those caught in this bad system would have been supported by Local Charities ( possibly with govt help ), few would have been injured or died, and it would have all been very cheap ( supporting people in two towns who are suffering severe hardship whilst ill is obviously cheaper & easier than supporting a whole country ).

– IDS chose instead to roll it out nationally, and when the first data on deaths came in he stopped recording said deaths ( backed by Cameron ). 3 years on an estimated 10,000 people have died due to ESA mistakes alone. Their deaths were not recorded. They were simply stressed to death. Legally these would be ‘Avoidable Deaths’.

– With the new DLA system ( called PIP ) now also grinding to a halt we have severely ill/ injured people who are in Support group having vital cash withheld. They then get extremely stressed & isolated; and, well, some die. Due to the stress. We do not know how many, as these figures are not recorded, but it’s potentially 1000’s per year on top of the 10,000 estimated to have died due to ESA mistakes. So a possible 6000 more Avoidable Deaths? We don’t know, as the Govt have deliberately not recorded them.

So far the sources for this are here. Live experiments were carried out on unwilling ill subjects, and 1000’s have died. Remind you of him at all?

It is also undeniable that if we live shorter lives the financial bill to The State is a lot less. And a small horde of millionaires are hell bent on not paying Tax.

So let’s look at some modern data:

Pages 5 & 7 show that ESA has got a bit more generous. But… 31% are declared fit for work. 36% of this crowd go onto appeal.

Basically about 20% of those forced to appeal are actually genuinely ill ( The DWP has cocked up ).

Considering 1 in 5 kids are now self harming I would hope it obvious that 20% is too high.

Ok, so 31% are declared fit for work, ~35% then go onto appeal ( ~11% of total ), and 20% succeed in their appeal ( error rate is 2% based on what little we can prove ). Based on what little we can prove. It’s obvious there are MASSIVE gaps in the process, and these have been deliberately brought in by Govt. Deliberately not recording The Deaths…

So they’re rolling out the Stress Chambers to kill us off Young; as, unlike Gas Chambers, they can be hidden behind a flat or house door ( dying in isolation with no-one knowing what really happened ). The Deaths look like ‘natural causes’; when, in reality, they are VERY avoidable.

All because a bunch of Millionaires don’t want to pay Tax.

You can read examples of these Stress Chambers here.

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  1. Ulysses June 14, 2014 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    I make that about right

  2. beastrabban June 14, 2014 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This alleges that the Tories’ welfare reforms are a deliberate genocidal policy to make us die of sickness, starvation or by our own hands, and so stop us becoming a drain on the state. I’ve drawn a comparison between the government’s attacks on the disabled, and the deliberate policy of murdering them under the Third Reich, though in fairness it has seemed to me that simple callousness and a concern to save money, rather than a conscious attempt to exterminate the poor, was the reason for this. However, this makes the last seem just that bit more plausible. And if nothing else, it shows just how malign the Tories’ welfare reforms are, and just how many people are suffering and dying through neglect, starvation and despair.

    • Maybe we as a society have become less compassionate in regard to the suffering of & suicide of others . I do hope to be wrong ! I don’t believe that this is the real will of the people. I believe that it is more the desire of a few in Government today.

  3. Jeffrey Davies June 14, 2014 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Correct – we didn’t lose the monies, we didn’t fiddle the books, we didn’t swindle anyone, but those that did – the banksters – are still cooking the books, still doing their damnedest to swindle what little’s left. It was trillions. They walk around freely while you and I die because austerity – it seems – belongs to the poor, not the rich. jeff3

  4. prayerwarriorpsychicnot June 14, 2014 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    If you want to attack people, you don’t have to do so directly – just stand back and do nothing when they are attacked. Contrast police protection of the elite with the absence of protection for everyone else. Also you don’t have to kill people directly. Just don’t send an ambulance with a trained paramedic for an hour and a half to someone with a heart attack. When they get to hospital, neglect to feed them or give them water. Make welfare, that people are entitled to and have paid for through their taxes so difficult to access that only the criminals can manage it, and those in genuine need are forced off. Being made homeless, unable to buy food, already ill – killing people indirectly. Deniability. Stress is known to accelerate physical and mental breakdown. Policies that have been applied have killed people. It does not appear that records are being kept. Which seems more than an oversight in a society which has the most spied on populace in the world.

  5. Maybe a little bit strong at this stage , but I tend to agree with the substance of your position on stress induced death is not worthy of rejoicing. Worthy of more consideration though !

  6. anon June 17, 2014 at 11:58 am - Reply

    A recent article in The Express(!) showed that HALF of benefits claimants have already had breakdowns since this govt. took power:

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