7 thoughts on “Labour Policy Report Calls For Radical Reform Of Welfare State

  1. amnesiaclinic

    Some worrying things like even more early intervention and the same restricting mantra of there’s no money! Rubbish. There is plenty going to the uber rich. A financial transaction tax would give more than enough to give everyone a basic income and transform the housing and welfare reforms so they help and support go to those that need it.
    But the same old mantra of holding up their hands and playing victim.
    Simply not good enough!

    1. Colin M. Taylor

      Sorry: let’s try this again:

      They could do a LOT worse than to ditch all the focus groups and go back to the Beveridge report. The money IS there: the Olympics, several ‘trophy’ wars and the ‘ring-fenced’ Foreign Aid budget prove that.
      If Labour were serious about fixing the country’s finances, they would change Sterling to a Sovereign currency, where the Bank of England controls the supply of money, rather than a Fiat currency where the private banks (you know, the ones that wrecked the economy in 2008) create money, in the form of DEBT, FROM THIN AIR, which the Government (and us!) borrow AT INTEREST

  2. kittysjones

    The IPPR suggested stopping benefits for under 25s. Labour have not adopted that policy,as Reeves clarified, so best wait and see what part if ANY of this is adapted

  3. James

    Oh, boy.

    Does anybody remember when Dame Shirley Porter’s old stomping ground Westminster Council suggested cutting Housing Benefit to obese claimants unless they went to the gym, dieted and got their weight down to a level acceptable to the council?


    Is this the shape of things to come under Labour?

    All those months and months of soul-searching by Cruddas and company and the unelected NuLab IPPR are still calling the shots as far as policy goes. Best forget about 2015 and look to 2020 when the awful Yvette Cooper will be Labour leader the constituency boundaries have been redrawn disadvantaging Labour and Britain is on its way out of the EU. There appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

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