The Universal Credit Nightmare for Homeowners

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  1. laurettalottiepearson June 16, 2014 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    I had to sell my home in 2005 as I could get no help at all. I went from a £150 mortgage to a £400 a month rent. The £150 was interest only. I couldn’t afford to pay the mortage as I was on £50 per week and had no other income and no savings. Out of that £50 I had to pay for doctors to fill in insurance forms at £25 each x 5 before they would pay any PPIs out. My home had to go, I had lived there for nearly 12 years. It was only a two up two down and I worked hard to purchase my home. We all live in a house of cards, we so need the safety net of a decent Welfare system. We have paid for it, just as the pensioners have paid into the system too. There would be no need for tax credits either if people were paid a proper living wage!

  2. Pete. June 17, 2014 at 9:33 am - Reply

    I have often wondered about George IIan Duncan Smith,the guy who along with Freud dreamed up this disastrous policy.Even Norman Tebbit,a rabid right winger thought it was ill thought out.Quite a few Tories,voters I know,don’t like it.

    But IDS is like a invention.His CV,his pretence that he and his Wife shopped at Charity Shops when he was on the dole.Who on earth believes that rubbish when Betsies Dad is Mr Megabucks.

    I have never,having tried,seen IDS in uniform.A picture I mean,has anyone else,does one exist.You would have thought someone like him,always alluding to his army career.I believe,yea I know he believes.That’s all he does do,but he once hinted at being involved with the SAS.It was found to be another untruth.But you would expect a guy like him to have his Lieutenant officer picture thrown about here and their.

    Its hard to find people who knew him at school,or in the army.He is not famous,more infamous.But its hard to put him under the microscope,analyse his life.Find out what consumes his hatred.Its obvious he could do with treatment.But Atos would find him totally sane,unfortunately.

    IDS is a straw man,a failed author,The Devils Tune,read the reviews on Amazon,they are hilarious.He is a invention,he invented himself.He is what he thinks,others expect him to be.He is a actor,a fraud.IMHO.

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