We Need To Talk About Keqiang

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My own view on the Scottish referendum is that I want the UK to remain united. However, I’m not averse to posting an opposing view.
In particular, I was interested by the following: “The UK has been sliding towards a state of managed democracy, in which distinctions between the interests of senior politicians and big business have been eroding for decades. Ours is a structurally democratic country which is losing its democratic soul.”


  1. laurettalottiepearson June 21, 2014 at 3:24 pm - Reply

    The Chinese are investing in our Railways and our new Nuclear Power station to be built. let’s hope they don’t do any Fracking underneath that when it’s built.

  2. bookmanwales June 21, 2014 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    It’s all very well having foreign investors but seriously ? in our infrastructure ??
    Giving China financial (and no doubt strategic) control of vast swathes of our infrastructure and energy is basically surrendering before war has been declared .

    Not content with corruptly milking billions from the taxpayer to subsidise these “Private” businesses they no doubt now want to offload the shares they have for another quick killing to the Chinese.

    The Chinese are not known for their willingness to follow planning, environmental, Labour or transport laws on any continent, their control of so much of the worlds resources is rapidly putting our future in their hands. Giving them the keys to the Nuclear power industry is basically saying well come take us.

    Not only is it going to a foreign power but they are being heavily subsidised by the taxpayer for the privilege of supplying us.
    Yet another screwing of the public for banks and foreign corporations to milk us of every last penny we earn.

  3. Harry June 21, 2014 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    The international elites (their name for themselves: I can think of many, more apt descriptors), have no loyalties. This must be borne in mind before considering outcomes. Particularly the “Li” family are the Sino Rothschilds’ equivalent. A look at the world as it emerges from the Pikes’ preplanned and staged world wars, will show that China is being transformed dynamically by the “Elites” as a strategy to return Europe to feudalism. We all know the names of the “Families” behind these large scale redistributive events: Warburgs, Rothschilds, Windsors, and so forth. Our own politicians, purchased from the Eton and Oxford bargain basement politicians bazaar are mere powerless actors in the game being played by these inglorious bas***ds.

    I have a genuine care for the people of the world. People need to withdraw funding of the elites, and withdraw labour until the power and influence of these global class parasites withers and dies.

    Britain is now anti democratic. Accountability has vanished along with ethics and morals. Governance is corporate, and held from collapse by arrogant legal presumptions that we all are dead. Our court and justice system; all corporate, all controlling using UCC law. Statutes. Commercial corporate law. The crown of convocation. People must learn to say NO. Or lose everything.

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