The truth about Employment Support Allowance

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  1. Not able to comply with the work related ESA as by then chronic sick as well as physically disabled, I tried to apply for the support component.

    Told that as had lived off my little savings for last two tax years, all my third of a century of NI credits ignored so could not get contribution based ESA.

    The income based ESA was not eligible for as my works pensions was too much money, when it is not half way up to the basic tax allowance and far below the Social Charter amount that benefit should be.

    Good thing left without any benefit, as the contribution based benefit is taxable.

    As ESA is taxable, DWP told HMRC who then changed my tax code and would have taxed the benefit, that I had never received nor was deemed eligible, and my works pensions, which when put together are still below the basic tax allowance.

    I changed my tax code to what it should be by directing phoning HMRC. The DWP continued to say it was my mistake, when they told the HMRC not me.

    The phone calls you get from the DWP are more like a world war 2 movie and not from our side, let us just leave it at that.

    I did not get disability living allowance with no mention of the lower mobility I had applied for atl, only I had not so disorganised a mind as could not plan a journey out of the house. No mention of physical disability at all.

    As the Flat Rate Pension does away with Pension Credit and raises the NI credit history from 30 to 35 years, so leaving less state pension the many women early retired in their 50s (believing getting state pension at 60) as the majority way to get Austerity public sector job cuts (half of women work in public sector, but losing two thirds of the jobs) majority on low works pensions on average £2,800 per year (2013).

    Thus meaning no unemployment benefit (not listed in unemployment statistics over 60 anyway), no disability / sick benefit, no ability to work, no state pension, less state pension after losing around £25,000 food money for 6 years 60-66 years, and such as housewives getting no state pension from husband’s contributions and widows left destitute from the Flat Rate Pension, the biggest threat to continuation of state pension in its history.

    Dame Anne Begg was not even aware that women’s retirement age had already risen and was being lost from 2013, as women MPs kept the pension payout from 2012.

    And Dame Begg believed that the state pension came from tax and not the full and ring fenced National Insurance Fund, that has not needed a top up from tax for decades, nor can be emptied to pay off national debt, as even believed by the Pensioners Convention. As the NI Fund is not a tax, it cannot be used by government for general expenditure (or their expenses bill).

    If Miliband and Balls threw away all their present Tory policies and revoked the Penson Bill and Flat Rate Pension, then they would win a landslide general election victory, instead of limping along at only a few points above the Tories as now, with the best they can hope for being a minority government, which will mean the Tories continue to rule.

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