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  1. Bring back immediately women's state pension at 60 / Loss of state pension for life from 2016

    I came across this article about Scotland, who can already pass laws without needing them to go through the House of Lords, but can gain further powers once independent after a yes majority on 18 September.

    Even the 1 Tory MP in Scotland has promosed to end the Bedroom Tax for all Scots, but this can only be certain in a free Scotland.

    Once Scotland goes free, we can start applying for membership of Scotland by towns and cities in England (OK sarcasm).

    The other way to get what Scotland will get once Free of London, is to look for entirely new politicians to run government in 2015.

    See the banned TUSC video on my personal website, of new parties that will feed all, house all, and said the truth about the state pension –
    is not some generous gift from government to withdraw at whim, but deferred wages from our youth.

    You put, at 12 per cent compulsory deductions from wages, plus boss’s compulsory contribution over many decades, into a full and ring fenced National Insurance Fund, that cannot be emptied to pay off the national debt (wrongly believed even by the Pensioners Convention) or used for general expenditure by government (including their ever growing millions in expenses for 650 MPs and 900 Peers).

  2. lallygag26

    I’m really quite upset to read this. I do think that housing – and the abolition of the bedroom tax – should be one of the highest priorities, but this proposed Bill puts an extension of the house price inflating ‘help to buy’ scheme top of the list.

    In the meantime Royal Cornwall Hospital Trusts are destroying the area’s Mental Health services and are about to put £75 million of hospital health services out to tender. Rural health services in areas of deprivation are already hard to provide at the best of times. There are grim times ahead for the people of Cornwall if these attacks on their health services continue. If I was their MP I’d be thinking about fighting privatisation of the NHS….oh no, he’s a Westminster MP, so he’s in favour of that, isn’t he? So price inflating ‘help to buy’ it is then……

    1. Mike Sivier

      The MPs for Cornwall are either Conservative or Liberal Democrat, and that will be why they are in favour of privatising the NHS and price-inflating ‘help to buy’. Cornwall has been right-wing for a considerable period of time now.

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