1 thought on “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Caliph? Not Me.

  1. nicola159nicola

    Sounds like an attempt to drum up support to get stuck in to Syria, Iraq – whatever suits at any given time – to me. IMHO, I think the main aim of whipping up hysteria in the Middle East is to give Israel an excuse to do what the feck it likes (as always) to its neighbours.

    This government has a major problem. It must continue to appease its Zionist (NOT jewish) overlords by supporting Israel no matter what, but the populace have no appetite for war in the region and, for once, seem to have actually learned from the errors of our recent past involving the murderous liar, Blair.

    I’m watching this media production with great interest. Can’t wait to see what ridiculous scenario it comes up with next. The desperation in these made-up stories is tangible. Perhaps because Obama has said, “Jump” but the British people will not let Camoron ask “How high?”

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